Ramadhan Cushion Cover almost done! Amen

Thank you for visiting, we honored for your visit, and don’t be hesitate to give us your precious feedbacks, GBU!
Dear all, as the Ramadhan will be ended up in near future, we are almost running out of time for finished our projects. Fortunately, the spirit to give our best to the customer, keep’n the spirit alives! Thank you
These are two cushion covers for Ramadhan Project, enjoy and keep us grown keenly with your precious feedbacks, WYATB! 

Rhombus or Rice Cake!? 02

Rhombus Festive

Rhombus or Rice Cake!? 01

Rhombus or Rice Cake!?


Almost finished, Amen!

Thank you for visiting us, we nonored for your attendance, as precious as your feedback. GBU!
Dear all, as we have announced here, our Ramadhan Project, a set of Table Runners and Cushion Covers, hopefully, it will be delivered to our customer on due date, amen
The project is running still, fortunately, a part of it, A Warmth smile of Batik Table Runners, already finished.
A Warmth Smile of Batik Table Runners

A Warmth Smile of Batik Table Runners

As it was crafted, the story will be attached to it, so, the main idea was, this set will welcoming everyone of guest, whom came to our customer/collector’s house. As you have seen in our previous independent product, GBU Table Runners. So, as it will be placed in living room, the warmth of this HandyCraft!©®™ will festive the ambience. thank you. WYATB!