Happy Eid Al Mubarak

Welcoming Eid al Fitr 1436 H, 1st of Syawwal 1436 H, Craftelling!©®™ congratulated The Feast of Eid al Fithr of 1436 H Al Mubarok for all of us. We ask apology and forgiveness for our mistakes occured between us in this relationship. . May our worship is accepted by ALLAH SWT, GOD ALMIGHTY, and we are given the opportunity to worship HIM again and again up to Fasting Month, Ramadhan Month of 1500 H, Amen.

Taqaballahu Minna Wa Minkum Taqabbal Ya Kariim

Minal ‘Aidin wal Faizin, Fii Kulli ‘Aamin wa antum bikhairin.

Warmth Regards


Afzon and Anggi

Enjoy Blissful and Joyful Ramadhan 1536 H

Dear All, especially for my moslem visitor, today, as we will celebrate a full blissful month of Ramadhan. The month of worshiping ALLAH SWT, only  to ask HIS BLESSING, not more than it.

This Ramadhan month, will be started by Tarawih Prayer after Isya, tonight, and afterwards, every moslem will try to get his own unique worship method, and it is allowed, because, the worship here, will be taking care immediately by ALLAH SWT

So, enjoy this blissful fasting month, and kindly to made the better worship done now than yesterday, Amen

For my non moslem visitor, we always pray on and on, that the peaceful, blissful and joyful, this Ramadhan, will be devoted on you, and, let share the beau of peaceful relationship amongst us….Thank you.