Ramadhan Project

Dear all, thank you for your visit and feedback here, GBU!
We are happy and honored, to get a special order to make a cushion cover set with the tablerunner. The important thing to be suit at it’s best is, the pattern that will made everyone happy to see it. Why, because Batik as the main articles, should be adapted to the other fabrics.
These are the raw materials sent by our  customer.

Ramadhan Project 01 WL


Batik came from  Danarhadi (as read from the label).  and the fabric to be comes alive  with the batik is

Ramadhan Project 02 WL

we hope, we may deliver them, at least a week before Iedul Fithri Mubarok, this year, 2015, Amen. 
And afterwards, with  customer permit  we will shown the products that we crafted for her. Thank You

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