Christmas Projects

Actually, this is semi independent project, because when we offered the idea, someone catch it, and we honored to realize it soon…Amen
For several of us, Christmas still few months away, but, because the order of Christmas Tablerunners are handmade, we really need plenty of time for performing it. Of course, it started by sending them the mock up of the project.
These are three patterns of fabrics that should be adopted and adapted as one tablerunners

Christmas Snowflakes WL


The first one is the Christmas Snowflakes, to enligh the beauty of the Christmas Eve
Christmas Tree Ornaments WL
The Second ones is the Christmas Tree Ornaments



Winter Gloves WL


The third pattern, Winter Gloves
Usually, we took around two months to deliver a handmade tablerunners project, hoping it will be soon fulfilled, and the final result is, to satisfy our customers. And with her permit, we will shown the result on this site, thank you. 


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