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Afzon Dakka, an IMC Consultant, Tagline Specialist, and Anggi, a Research Consultant, and Crafter for Craftelling!©®™. Tagline Handy Craft©®™ is endorsed and invented by me, Afzon Dakka. Hoping this site will be joyful for everyone of us, Amen


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Happy Eid Al Mubarak

Welcoming Eid al Fitr 1436 H, 1st of Syawwal 1436 H, Craftelling!©®™ congratulated The Feast of Eid al Fithr of 1436 H Al Mubarok for all of us. We ask apology and forgiveness for our mistakes occured between us in this relationship. . May our worship is accepted by ALLAH SWT, GOD ALMIGHTY, and we […]

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Ramadhan Cushion Cover almost done! Amen

Thank you for visiting, we honored for your visit, and don’t be hesitate to give us your precious feedbacks, GBU! Dear all, as the Ramadhan will be ended up in near future, we are almost running out of time for finished our projects. Fortunately, the spirit to give our best to the customer, keep’n the […]

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Almost finished, Amen!

Thank you for visiting us, we nonored for your attendance, as precious as your feedback. GBU! Dear all, as we have announced here, our Ramadhan Project, a set of Table Runners and Cushion Covers, hopefully, it will be delivered to our customer on due date, amen The project is running still, fortunately, a part of […]

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The Values of Colors

Thank you for visiting us, we honored for your attendance Dear all, we wanna share the steps that we try to deliver our best in every single projects. So, before crafting mock up to be shown to our customer, we try to get the values of colors the fabric presented by our customers. Value is […]

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Enjoy Blissful and Joyful Ramadhan 1536 H

Dear All, especially for my moslem visitor, today, as we will celebrate a full blissful month of Ramadhan. The month of worshiping ALLAH SWT, only  to ask HIS BLESSING, not more than it. This Ramadhan month, will be started by Tarawih Prayer after Isya, tonight, and afterwards, every moslem will try to get his own […]

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Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting this site. Here, Craftelling!©®™ wanna share somethings valueable, memorable for everyone of U Kindly not to forget, that every craft made here, is Handy Craft©®™, so, it needs some critiques, opinions too from all of You We share the ideas, selling the ideas to fulfill your needs, but…we will launch completely this […]