Our Philosophy : Craftelling!©®™ with HandyCraft!©®™

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Our Philosophy, the philosophy of Craftelling!©®™ is the one that made the brand crafted. As even the scriptures are told us about the story, The story of THE GODS themselves, or the humankind, a long time ago before our attendance, so the real of things communicated yesterdays, nowadays, or even in futures, is story.

So, the if everything made by the story, and the things shared are stories, the destiny of handycraft itself was, to tell or share the story. Starting for the story of it’s crafting background, up to the philosophy of the crafter himself/herself. Meanwhile, what we expressed day by day, all about the story, so we believe in, to emphasize the existence of the things, there where stories to be shared, supporting their existence

So, our product try hard to share, the detail story of it’s creation. Emphasizing it’s existence with HandyCraft!©®™, that means, the products should works fine, fulfilling not even your needs, but also your beautiful dreams to be realized, Amen

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